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PROFILE: Dan Thomas

In the latest of our FlipYou cast & crew profiles, we find out what makes Dan tick.

Dan is a writer and performer for FlipYou Comedy.

What got you into film-making?

My granddad was a film-maker and a huge inspiration to me. The man was a legend.

And comedy?

What can I say? I'm just a naturally funny guy =). But seriously, comedy has been a big part of my life and I'm always laughing at something or other.

Whose your favourite comedian and why?

Eddie Izzard. I love how he looks at stuff that other comedians don't even think about touching and he's got such a brilliantly funny way of looking at things. Also, Death Star Canteen. Bloody brilliant.

What's it like working with Mike?


Mike. The guy who runs FlipYou. Other people have said he is a genius and fantastic to work with. Do you agree?

Ah, that'll be you then Mike that wrote these questions. Your an idiot. End of.

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